In this article, I will represent the detailed information about the Host Armada Domain Register (Step By Step)? Go and check the complete write-up.

Host Armada assures a simple, visual aura for organizing all those settings connected with your domain names. The simplest counterpart is you definitely do not need any kind of exceptional skills to operate this effortless tool. Host Armada has an apprehensive Domain Management Panel.

Site safety is a free security-enhancing mechanism delivered to halt unauthorized access of your site to an unusual net host or a registrar by locking the site name servers.

If your site is hooked, Host Armada shall sufficiently safeguard it from unauthorized access by third-parties. Some agencies shall possibly try to trick your name servers or may haul your site without your authority. With Host Armada, you shall be able to establish changes that forestall unauthorized access to your site.

How To Register New Domain With Host Armada In 2020 (Step By Step)

After you arrive at the home page, click on the Domains tab on top.

Step 1: Click on the Domains tab on top  or Here to access Hostarmada Home page

As you can see, there are two options for registering and extending the domain with a wide range of extensions provided.
Domain name registration with Host Armada

Step 2: Click on Registration

Click on Registration, and you will be directed to the following page.


HostArmada domain registration

Step 3: See benefits offered by Host Armada

Scroll down where you can find clearly the benefits offered by Host Armada. As we can see Host Armada has a vast selection of Domain names, carefree renewal with flat pricing, domain notifications, and 24/7/365 Domain Name Support.


HostArmada hosting for domain registration

Step 4: Click on Register a Domain

Click on Register a Domain to proceed further. You will be directed to the following page.


HostArmada domain name pricing

Step 5: Search your Domain

Scroll down to see other exciting domain name extensions. Host Armada has almost every extension used across the globe.


Hostarmada domain name extensions

Step 6: Type the domain name and tap the search button

After you have decided which one to proceed with, get back to the top. Type the domain name and tap the search button.


Domain name registration and hosting HostArmada

Step 7: Chosen is unique

For the sample purpose, the following domain name is chosen. Make sure the domain name chosen is unique.


Finding new domain name with HostArmada

Step 8: Check domain

After you are done typing the domain name and choosing the domain extension click on the check domain. If the domain name is not taken and is available then the following pop up appears.

Hostarma hosting

Step 9: How long register 

You can also decide on how long you would prefer to register with the domain name.

How to get best domain name with HostArmada

Step 10: checkout page

Tap continue and you will be directed to the checkout page.
You can immediately add a hosting site for your domain in the checkout page itself.
HostArmada nameserver configuration

Step 11: Specific hosts to your domain name

Click on the add hosting button to add specific hosts to your domain name. There are many advantages associated with adding a host to your domain.
Add the name servers in the box to associate the hosting’s with the domain.
HostArmada checkout page

Step 12: Enabled protecting your domain from any harm

As you can see the domain addon boosters are enabled protecting your domain from any harm
Setting Up Domain name-with HostArmada

Step 13: Tap the continue button to checkout.

This feature prevents your domain from any kind of cybercrime and maintains advanced safety.
Tap the continue button to checkout.

Step 14: Check yourt shoping cart

You can see your services along with the prices.
Enter the promo code if you have one to avail of exciting benefits and click the checkout button.
You are done registering a domain!!

Host Armada’s Domain Name Registration Review 2020

Host Armada has an integral part of the focus on DNS management. It assists in minimizing the errors caused while editing of operating complex data. Host Armada provides the guidelines if required to establish proper edits at the support side.

HostArmada Review Is It Worth The Hype? ( Pros & Cons)

Host Armada has a sophisticated traffic management system. It has service plans that established an advanced level of options such as failover records which reroutes the traffic at the time of fall in network point. It also has other attractive advanced features such as analytics, record limited, and a distended question. The domain management system of Host Armada also allows totally distinct rules for routing in the case of international regions which adds a professional touch for business purposes.
Domain Name Registration Transfer of No Charge Hostarmada
Host Armada has the biggest reason to use it’s Domain Management Name. It came up with the instant domain record propagation. When you switch the email or hosting suppliers there won’t arise any need to customize the want times such as for the whole day. This is quite enough for you to opt for Host Armada.
Host Armada offers you the most improvised domain speed and dependability. There is a secondary domain name system available in a few packages that allows maintaining a second set of your nameserver. The prime function of this feature is to operate as a buffer that halts periods at your web site and email.
Host Armada has the least amount of risk associated with the transfers of the domain registrations. When you transmit your site from one registrar to another it holds the vital details that are created by you personally. It doesn’t let anything to be lost. So do install your DNS hosting’s somewhere else so ask to maintain precise safety and accuracy.

Sub Domains Management

The all-new Host Armada has come up with the best Subdomain management you can ever think of. It lets you add extra information at the starting of your site’s name.
Host Armada provides you with the platform to segregate the allocate the content for a particular function. For example a blog or an e-commerce site from the remaining information of the site.
With the help of this feature, you can direct customers to the other domains from your main domain and maintain a decent amount of audience base easily. It ticks away the efforts of bringing the customers to your subdomain from the start. Host Armada has simply brought you with the feature of obtaining double benefits with a single platform.

Domain Forwarding

This feature of Host Armada replenishes the load balances, performance, and establishes a resilient network system. It offers the option of disposing of the namespaces or records of resource that do not contain the original name while the server’s zone of the Domain name system is connected to a far off DNS server (DNS) server’s zone for resolution of name queries each within and outdoors a network.

Domain support 24/7/365

Host Armada provides the most vigilant domain support just as a watchdog that is awake all through the day and night. It does not render to be slow or non-responsive at any point in time irrespective of the number of the administrators actually using it.
Host Armada has dedicated itself for pouring out constant support at all times to solve any kind of the tiniest glitch ever and resume your activities as usual.
The creation of a website name or address with any type of extension has now become easy with the Host Armada.

👉 What is a Domain?

For the newbies, don’t get hyped up. A domain is just another term used for a website. It is somewhat referred in a more professional sense as a Domain.

👉 What are the benefits of having a domain name?

Firstly, a domain name is the name of your site. In other words, it is the address to be entered in the search engine to arrive at your web site. It is a unique combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. No two domain names are the same and it is mandatory to create a website name that does not match with anything on the internet. The most basic purpose of the advent of the domain name was the difficulty in remembering the IP address of the respective websites. It is definitely not a practical idea to keep a record of IP addresses to arrive at the desired sites. So, then came the domain name making the IP address an old age affair.

👉 What are domain extensions?

You might have observed that the names of the websites end with terms such as .com, .org, .in, etc. Well, those are the extensions for any domain and are also known as the top-level domain names. The purpose of these extensions is to segregate into proper groups. For example .com is used by commercial enterprises and .edu is used for educational institutions. Host Armada provides around three hundred extensions with a bunch of exciting coupons for availing awesome benefits. Extensions are not only used for defining the type of the organization but also the country in which it operates. For example, refers to the Indian Domain of Amazon. If you type in the search box you will be redirected to the American site since it was designed initially for the American customer base itself. Hope you are clear with what domain extensions are and how they play a vital role in defining your business and the customer base as well.

👉 Why are domain names a necessity?

If you want your store’s online presence to be happening then domain names are the stepping stones for it. Setting a quirky and catchy domain name brings the customers to your site and makes it easy for them to remember. You don’t want your customers to keep a record of IP addresses for sure. With the combined power of the DNS service and the net Server, a site name is simply mapped to a web site, thus once the name is typed in a web browser, it will display the associate actual website.

👉 Can anybody have a Domain Name?

Yes, of course. Anybody who wants to create a website and have some bucks in the bank can have a domain name. There are a whole lot of domain names available in the internet world you can choose from. Host Armada has made the domain registration an easy affair. Once they receive an associate order for the registration of a site name, they will contact their jotted down account and order the registration of the submitted by our client name together with all different needed by the written account Domain data. As shortly because the written account approves the registration, the name becomes a property of the client who purchased the registration from the U.S.A.

👉 Are there any limitations for the registration of a site name?

There are a few things to take care of. It might take a little while in deciding the right domain name. The aspects of safety and security have to be taken into consideration while hunting for the domain name. The length of the site name ranges from four to sixty-three characters. You are also required to decide the extension and accommodate the customers as well since there are certain extensions that are limited to certain countries itself. For example, .edu was initially restricted to only some of the top universities in the United States of America and the other educational institutions had to enter the county code extension. Host Armada counsels it’s customers on these topics and gives them guidelines while establishing the domain name.

👉 Why should I register one domain name with more extensions?

It is a risk to register your domain name with only one extension since there are chances of other companies to copy your domain name with another extension. For example, if your domain name is, someone else may create a So it is wise to create a domain with a couple of extensions. The chance of someone else copying the original domain name will be less.

👉 Why should I prefer transferring my name from another Registrar to HostArmada?

Host Armada doesn’t force its customers to transfer their site name to it. However, there are many benefits instilled by doing so. As discussed initially, the domain management panel is quite advanced and the domain is renewed every year after it is transferred. Even if your domain is a free one it will be revived at zero charges with the help of an online hosting service. Host Armada offers free registration or transfer or renewal service for the latter domain extensions.

👉 How long does it take to activate the changes and to start the domain?

It usually takes around two days for the site to get activated once it is transferred. However, in some rare cases, the site activation takes around six to seven days due to the delay in negotiation between the domain registrars. After it is done transferring the names will be displayed as active in your respective shopper space. Or else, it will be placed in the unfinished transfer standing.

👉 How much does it cost to maintain the created domain?

It depends on the level of a domain or the extension you chose. Any client who registered with Host Armada has to pay the standard registration charges. Charges vary depending upon the promotional offers at that time. You can also minimize your costs by adding some coupons. After the domain has been activated, renewal charges shall be paid after one year which is constant for all. Even the renewal charges can be associated with any promotional offer.

👉 What is a Privacy Protection service?

The primary function of Privacy protection is to shield the private data of the domain owners. When a website name is registered, the owner is required to submit the necessary contact details. Such information has to be protected to prevent it from any kind of malpractice. If they prefer such information to be public then they shall perform a WHOIS operation. The privacy protection addon from Host Armada replaces the personal information of the shopper with the placeholder information which may relate to the name of the US. This feature allows any email sent to the domain owner that is supported with the private details within the WHOIS record to be forwarded to a particular hidden address of the shopper without it being exposed to the spammers or hackers.

What are the Common Rules that I Should Follow for Registering a Domain Name?

You will encounter a number of rules and guidelines while deciding a domain name. Don’t get fussed up since Host Armada had made it simple with the following vital ones to go through before settling for one:

Don’t go for the saggy ones:

Although you are allowed to use up to sixty-three characters, don’t take it seriously. People don’t have the time nor interest to keep the long and boring names in their minds. Short and catchy ones tend to remain for a longer time in one’s mind.

Avoid Duplicated letters:

In the majority of the times, a domain name has two, three, or four words. In such cases ensure that no two same letters sit beside each other repeatedly. This tends to confuse the visitor and may also change the meaning of the name. For example, the domain name such as is confusing since there are multiple interpretations for it.

Don’t use dashes and underscores

Dashes and underscores make the domain name complicated. So simply avoid them.

How can I register a domain in Host Armada for free?

Host Armada currently provides free site registration for high level domains or domain extensions. If any client is interested in obtaining the option of free registration then it is possible when they own a hosting package. Currently, Host Armada offers free Domain Registration or Transfer of the purchased domains for the following Domain extensions:

  • .com;
  • .net;
  • .org;
  • .us;
  • .biz;
  • .info.;
  • .de;
  • .ca;
  • .eu;
  • .uk;
  • .tokyo;
  • .futbol;
  • .business;
  • .click;

What is a Privacy Protection service?

The primary function of Privacy protection is to shield the private data of the domain owners. When a website name is registered, the owner is required to submit the necessary contact details. Such information has to be protected to prevent it from any kind of malpractice. If they prefer such information to be public then they shall perform a WHOIS operation.
The privacy protection addon from Host Armada replaces the personal information of the shopper with the placeholder information which may relate to the name of the US. This feature allows any email sent to the domain owner that is supported with the private details within the WHOIS record to be forwarded to a particular hidden address of the shopper without it being exposed to the spammers or hackers.

What is the distinction between the GDPR Domain Privacy and your Privacy protection services?

Yet all the services seem almost the same, there is one vital point that differentiates them. Host Armada customers have their personal information protected with the exploitation of the free GDPR Domain Privacy Service. They will be placed in the WHOIS search without being able to receive emails from the executive and technical contacts. With the help of this addon, any incoming mails from the non-public info will be forwarded by the US subsequently.

How to Transfer a Site to HostArmada?

It is the easiest task. However, there are certain principles to be kept in mind while transferring the domain to Host Armada. They depend on the transferred top-level domain or domain extension. Following are the most important ones:
  • The domain name which is transferred should be permitted to be transferred i.e. ACTIVE or OK.
  • The client shall be permitted access to the executive Contact email address that the domain uses.
  • The client shall be given the EPP transfer code, which might be obtained by this registrar of the name.
  • The domain name shall be already registered for a minimum period of sixty days.
  • The date of the expiry of the domain name shall be set for fifteen days as soon as the client proposes for the transfer.
  • The Personal info for the transferred name ought to be visible upon WHOIS search, or in alternative words, no Privacy Protection services ought to be enabled.

Conclusion: Domain Registration With Host Armada In 2020

What are you waiting for? To create your website of any sort with the entry of Host Armada in the market to make your journey of website creation the most fun-filled one!
Follow all the simple steps above and go through the frequently asked questions a couple of times to get your queries fulfilled and to know everything about domains and their functions. Please do like and share this post with your friends. Also, share your experience with me in the comment section.
Host Armada Domain Register (Step By Step)

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