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Lumispa vs Foreo Luna

If you value hygiene, washing your face is an inventible routine to keep your skin clean and free of the grime and dirt from the day’s activities.

While using your hands are totally fine to wash the face, the thing about facial cleansers is that they, while taking the labour out of it, give the face an intense deep-cleaning that ensures whatever left over impurities are removed entirely.

These devices also help tighten pores, firm up and boost radiance, preparing the skin to better absorb serums and creams after cleansing.

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Lumispa vs Foreo Luna Demo Video

Lumispa vs Foreo video demo

Both LumiSpa and Foreo(foreo luna mini 2, foreo luna mini 3, foreo luna 3,  foreo ufo) are popular brands of automatic facial cleansing brushes.
Both brands aim to remove dirt particles, sebum, dead surface cells, and make-up residue with their sonic cleansers.

Rather than bore you with the history of both brands and how many years they have been in operation, I'm going to look at two specific products from both brands.

These are ageLOC Lumispa and Foreo Luna 3 cleansing devices. Eventually, you will buy any of these products. And not a brand.

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ageLOC NU SKIN LumiSpa Debut Kit

The ageLOC NU SKIN LumiSpa is designed to help you exfoliate and maintain cleaner skin. However, that’s if they work. If it doesn’t, then it’s safe to say that you won’t see any good results.

Like any other cleansing brush, it has received a fair share of reviews from both happy and dissatisfied users.

The ageLOC LumisPa is one of the best selling skin cleaning devices out there. Like the Foreo Luna 3, it also comes in different flavors to match the different skin types out there.

This includes the model for acne as well as one for normal/combo, oily, and dry skin. The prices vary among these with the normal/combo debut kit being closest to be cheaper.

So, if you have normal/combo skin, you might want to go for this so you’re paying lower.

If that is the case, how do you decide if it’ll work for you?

Here are the details:

The NU SKIN ageLOC is a waterproof, electric handheld cleaning device. It works on batteries and is rechargeable so you don’t have to spend extra on new batteries. Compared to bristles, it’s less abrasive due to its silicone head.

Depending on how much exfoliating or facial cleansing you need to do, you can use it morning and night.

And yes, it’s expensive. But then, it comes with more powerful and dynamic features compare to other silicone cleansing brushes.

But if you’ve not used a cleansing brush before, I wouldn’t jump into this. I’d compare it with other popular models on the market so you can get the big picture.

Fortunately, that’s what I’ll do in this article. In the next sections, I’ll be reviewing the Foreo Luna 3 so you can see how the ageLOC LumiSpa compares to it.

Who should buy ageloc lumispa?

Here See Lumispa cost

Lumispa vs foreo luna cost compare

It’s good for oily skin but that might entail getting specific brushes for that. Fortunately, the machine will work with special heads and different washing creams.

It doesn’t matter whether you have oily, normal, or combo skin. Just find the right head and you’re good to go.

In addition to that, it’s not limited to females. Males too can use it so if you’re thinking about buying one for your hubby, you’re on the right way.

Think about the ageLOC NU SKIN LumiSpa device as a cleaning and treatment combo.

LumiSpa vs Foreo Luna 3 which choose?

The ageLOC LumisPa and Foreo Luna 3 are excellent cleaning devices. In terms of price, the Foreo Luna 3 is more expensive. So, if you’re looking for an affordable model, you might want to go for ageLOC LumisPa.

The LumiSpa also comes with an 100ml cleanser while you may have to get one for the Foreo Luna, which is an extra cost.

They both last longer and worth the expense if you can get them to work for you.

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Lumispa vs Foreo Luna: Which Cleansing Brushes Do You Need?

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