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Nu skin sign in and Would you like to buy Nu Skin or Pharmanex products up to 30% cheaper? I would be more than happy to assist you!

 I can set you up an official Nu Skin “Preferred Customer” account. It will enable you to order directly at Nu Skin whenever you like and only pay wholesale prices. This account is absolutely Free and available in more than 55 countries.

Ready to go? Then just fill in the form below and you will receive your username and password for the nuskin website from me by email (Please check your email!! ;-))

Please contact me right after you complete registration form for business development guidance with nuskin. We will teach you how to blog and how to blog SEO, reaching more potential customers. You will develop a successful business opportunity with minimal risk and the lowest cost.

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How to sign in Nu skin online

Nu skin sign in website guide video youtube

Step 1

Click the sign up button above to register information and become a member of nuskin. And please contact me via email or to DM me on facebook stevennuskin,

And I would be more than happy to explain a little more about how it works, what we do, the top products, how my beauty business has grown, our video calls, training, motivational and mindset sessions …. the list goes on! It’s such a fantastic beauty business that I joined and I’m so happy to share it with others.

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Accept Nuskin Invitation Page

Step 2

Once you have registered and have an account and password, you can log in to the homepage to freely shop for your favorite items.

Online shopping is extremely convenient like you order on amazon.

When you finish registering, download the my nuskin app here to keep track of your business plan and order nuskin products.

  • Download for android: here
  • Download for IOS: here

Step 3

When you join NuSkin, you get access to wholesale prices from the full business, and you’re able to earn sharing bonuses every time someone joins the site, either as a shopper, a member or a brand affiliate. And the best bit? Hefty commission on the products!

Enjoy the product and share your opinion about it with your friends on your blog, youtube, instargram, pinterest, .... and with me too.

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The nuskin company always create your own business growth opportunities, you will probably want to learn about this business opportunity.

Read more: nuskin compensation plan and how to become a nu skin distributor for Free


Luxe Always Kit

And I’m sharing the top products from NuSkin that I genuinely love and buy on repeat for myself. The skin care is phenomenon but they also do an incredible hair mask too!

  1. The LumiSpa Cleansing kit
  2. Glacier Marine Mud Mask
  3. Renu Hair Mask
  4. NuSkin Moisture Mist
  5. NuSkin AHA Facial Peel

Nu skin Sign in and Start Training

A rep’s first step is to sign up nuskin as a brand affiliate, according to Nu Skin’s website. Then, they must send them a formal letter of intent for becoming a sales representative. The Nu Skin website makes this process simple, though you will have to supply the required personal information and form a Group. There is a one-time $35 startup fee in addition to the annual membership fee.

A Group is a collection of registered customers, retail customers, members, brand affiliates, and already-qualified brand reps. The more robust the Group you are a part of, the more likely Nu Skin will accept the letter of intent. Without a Group, Nu Skin is unlikely to allow brand rep training. You can search your local region to see if there are any ongoing Nu Skin Groups.

Hit Your Qualifying Sales Goals

If Nu Skin accepts your letter of intent, you will begin a six-month training phase called the “qualification period.” During this time, you must meet each monthly goal, which is divided into building blocks and sharing blocks. A standard building block represents 500 points of sales volume from the Group. These blocks are built with straightforward sales, but only count sales made by customers, members, affiliates, and reps. However, that also means they can occur anywhere in the current Group. A sharing block is also 500 points of sales volume, but these sales must come from your own registered customers, and nowhere else.

Blocks will reset every month. You must complete 12 blocks in total over six consecutive months, four of which must be sharing blocks. If you do not report the necessary minimum sales volume for a month, you are automatically disqualified.


MLM business model

Alternative: Choose Accelerated Qualification

Nu Skin also has an alternative called “accelerated qualification.” This program lasts for three months, and requires 10 blocks, four of which much be sharing blocks, along with 10 customers, members or affiliates with a product order during those months. This is an option for more active Groups to reach the brand rep status faster.

Maintain Monthly Sales Quotas

The brand representative title is entirely dependent on monthly performance, and can be removed when qualifications are no longer met. The Group must complete four building blocks per month for maintenance.

Perks to being a brand rep are largely related to bonuses: Reps have access to double sharing bonuses and retail building bonuses that affiliates do not. You can find more information about sales performance, bonuses and advice on selling in the Velocity Sales Performance Plan available from the Direct Selling Association.


Nu skin sign in and start your online Business

Use Flex Blocks if Necessary

Flex blocks are an alternative that can be used to fill in for building blocks that were not completed during a month. These blocks are only given to people who have already become brand reps, and a certain number are assigned to reps annually. Flex Blocks are automatically applied to make up for shortcomings, but any month when a Flex Block is used is disqualified from earning a leading bonus.

Note: Potential distributors must register through a current nuskin’s distributor.

#1 Nu skin Sign In: Guide For Distributor and Customer Members
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