How to Use Facebook Groups to Build Your Network Marketing Business

You’re about to discover how to use Facebook Groups to build your network marketing business bigger, faster, and with significantly less work.—which is exactly what you want, right?Watch the video below; I reveal best practices for how to use social media for network marketing using Facebook groups, and what types of groups are most effective.To begin, I suggest that as a network marketer, you start with a group for your prospects and your potential team members.If you want to find a reputable mlm company, please refer to the suggestion by clicking here: join mlm company freeYou want it to have a name like a team name.However, you don’t want it to be your company name.Facebook groups are super easy to put together which is great for network marketing.What is great is that people that have looked at the product and can meet some of your team members.You don’t have to run the group all by yourself.Because if you’re like me, you like more money for less work!All of your team is also in this group because they’re going to help you run it.1. In this group, you are going do a pinned post firstThe pinned post should have the tool that you use to share your product opportunity or service. You want to make sure that this post states the rules of the group. There’s no spamming in the group. There’s no stealing other people’s people in the group. Now, ours says, “dance with the one that brought you.” That’s more of a positive note instead of no stealing each other’s customers. When we were brand new, we didn’t have enough customers to put into our own group. We joined with a couple different distributors in our company and put a group together. Then, everybody that we’ve enrolled since then is put into that group and everybody uses that for the “double ATM.” Don’t worry, I’m going to explain that here in a second. You have that pinned post at the very top of the group. It’s a video, usually a tool. Right now, video is super popular. The next thing that you want to start putting into your group is…2. Training on products and also testimonialsAny testimonials that you can find, put them inside of your group. You also want to put a disclaimer that you don’t cure disease or whatever. That makes sure that you are covered legally just to avoid problems. Then comes adding people to your group. You’ve added your team members and maybe you’ve built this group together with a couple other distributors or team members. You put them inside this group. You are going to ask new prospects or customers the following… “Could I add you to this amazing group where you can get more information about X, Y and Z.” In this group, we’re talking about network marketing. I’m going to talk about the benefits of having a prospecting and potential team member group next, but first, I want to talk about the double ATM. Nothing is more annoying than being added to 10 to a 100 groups a day that you did not ask to

How to use Instagram for Your Network Marketing Business

Instagram users engage with 4.2 billion posts on Instagram every day. And if you are actively using Instagram for network marketing, your post could easily be one of them.For many, Instagram is still a new platform. But you’d be surprised to know that it’s the third most popular social media platform after Facebook and YouTube. So, if you are already on Facebook and YouTube, and aren’t getting the amount of traction you’d like to see, I suggest exploring Instagram for network marketing.Why Use Instagram for Network MarketingNot everybody is on Instagram. Instagram is still not as saturated as Facebook. This means there’s a lot of potential on Instagram to grow your brand organically.  Apart from this, there’s a lot of potential in Instagram for Network Marketing:Visual PlatformInstagram is a highly visual platform. And visual is one of the best ways to cut through the clutter and really get your audience to take notice of your products.  This is excellent for Network marketers as you can showcase your lifestyle, products and events, add hashtags related to what you have to offer e.g. #skincare, #redlipstick, #proteinshakeLess DistrustWe all know how most people approach network marketing. With a pinch of distrust. According to Psychology Today, Instagram is the happiest social media platform because there’s little of those bashings you see on Facebook. Instagram’s latest algorithms are actually created to put a stop to online bullying. When someone wants to post a negative comment, Instagram’s AI will make out if it’s offensive. Before the user posts the comment, the AI will ask, ‘Are you sure you want to post a comment?’, giving users the chance to reflect on what they post.  Network marketers can really do with some positivity. You will probably see a lot less of, ‘The baby should be taught some manners.’ Or ‘This XYZ spa made me wait 2 hours because I didn’t get a prior appointment. Don’t go there’.Attraction marketingAttraction marketing is a brand new strategy for network marketers. That’s because it works. In Attraction Marketing, you basically approach prospects from a different perspective. Instead of contacting your prospects, you get them to contact you. How? You make your brand and yourself so attractive that others want to follow you. And Instagram is all about attraction. That’s why Instagram for Network Marketing makes so much sense. All those stunning pictures will get your viewers to pause scrolling for a while and be inspired. That’s when you engage and connect with them. Bring them a step closer to sales.  Despite all this, many businesses are still not exploring the potential of Instagram. When I asked, the most common responses were:I don’t have the time.I don’t know what to post.How do I take those stunning pictures?I don’t even know what hashtags are?How can I achieve growth on Instagram?Well, if you are ready to give it time, I can help you overcome the rest of your reservations and really start using Instagram for Network Marketing:Instagram Growth Tips for Network MarketingUsing Instagram for Network Marketing can really be the game-changer

How to Create Culture In Your MLM Team Facebook Group

Want to increase engagement and results from your mlm team facebook group?Here’s my suggestions for anyone who has a team facebook group page or is thinking about starting one.How to Create Culture In Your MLM Team Facebook GroupHow do you bring culture to your team when you’re not the one running the team page?You can bring culture.Now, there’s two things with this…1. Don’t Start A Team Group Too SoonNumber one, I do think that some people start a team group too soon. Now, that’s something I can tell you. For your upline to tell you, most people will see that as a restriction of their freedom. “Well, who are you to tell me I’m not right?” I’m here to tell you. I’m not your upline, I’m not your virtual upline, I’m not your transformative upline, I’m not a substitute upline. I can tell you, from my point of view, that too many people start a team group too soon. Whatever you do, your people are going to think they need to do too. If you have a team of five, and you’re like, “Team group.” Well, guess what happens when your people get a team of five? “Team group!” That’s what they do. So, I do think too many people start a team group too soon.2. Culture Isn’t Just A GroupSecond point is, keep in mind culture isn’t just a group. A group is a part of culture. It’s kind of like how the sermon at a church is a part of the culture. The bake-off is a part of the culture. The carwash fundraiser is a part of the culture. The night classes are a part of the culture. The baptisms are a part of the culture. So, a team group is not the culture, it’s part of the culture. How people are made to FEEL is the culture.Make People Feel LovedAs you bring people onboard, then you can make them feel welcome. You can explain to them that the Facebook group is a resource for them. But you just from time to time, send them a little note. I’ll tell you one thing that I do… (This may or may not apply to you depending on how you’re acquiring some of your teammates). If I’m with friends, I take a lot of pictures and I have 10,691 photos on my phone. I would say maybe about once a month, I’ll actually scroll through, find old pictures, and text them to the people that are in them. And I do this just like a little, “Hey, I’m thinking about you. Hey, hope you’re doing well.” Just a little thoughtful kind of thing that I do. Now, that isn’t a solution for every person in your team, I’m not saying that. But thinking that way is. Pay attention to when their birthday is, send them a little voice message. “Hey, I’m so grateful that you’re a customer of ours, and you’re just amazing, really appreciate you.”Things like that.Don’t Be ALL Business In Your Group The team group that is not a great culture is the one that’s all business. Like… Here’s how to

How To Use Pinterest For Network Marketing And Business

Pinterest is a visual search engine that can provide a lot of visibility for your network marketing (mlm or direct selling) business. People are often surprised when I recommend using Pinterest for network marketing and direct sales business growth, but when you look at the stats it all makes sense.According to Sprout Social, Pinterest has 291 million monthly active users and 1/3 of those live in the United States. 79.5% of users are female and only 27% of marketers used Pinterest as of January 2019. This means that not only is Pinterest a great platform to reach women but it’s also an unsaturated market for promoting your business. So how do you set up Pinterest for network marketing sales and prospecting? The steps below will show you exactly how to set up your business profile, create your pins and start attracting leads and sales to you.This post may contain affiliate links or links to Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. All this means is that I make a small commission at no extra cost to you! See my disclosure for details.1. Start With Your Network Marketing BlogPinterest pins connect the Pinterest platform with your blog. If you haven’t started a blog for your network marketing business yet, this is your first step. There are so many advantages to having a blog for your network marketing, direct sales or mlm business. When I started mine, I made a lot of mistakes, so make sure to check out my resource section for all the best tips to get started right. I also wrote a post all about the 7 network marketing blog tips I wish I’d known. If you haven’t started your blog, or you’re just getting going with it, make sure to click over to that post first.2. Brand Your ImagesPinterest is a visual search engine and your images matter more than anything. Pin images need to be bright, readable, and have an engaging title to go viral. I recommend using colors complimentary to your blog logo and branding used on social media.  If you don’t already have fonts and colors associated with your brand, head over to Pinterest and use the search bar to find topics associated with your ideal customer. If you’re in a skin care mlm, search for skin care. Then use the suggested keyword buttons to deepen your search. On each page, scroll down a bit to find pins that stand out to you and either pin or screen shot them for reference. You can use them as templates to create your first few pins in Canva. Model the look and fonts and use colors that stand out to you. This will help you create your brand look which will evolve over time. Don’t overthink it or make it a 6 month project. You will get better as you make them, I promise. 3. Create Your ProfileYour Pinterest business profile is much more than a profile picture and name. Pinterest uses their SEO (search engine optimization) to show