16 Reasons Why you Start Blog on MLM Business


Why need network marketing blogYou are a distributor in the mlm company, and you are having trouble like: Feeling immense pressure to recruit and will often become so persistent that they turn people away, Unsustainable: because your downlines are leaving youStress: because too many downlines have to be supportedThose are things that a lot of startups, inexperienced have encountered that you should probably refer to the article: How to starting up a business at home The mlm business is also one of the great forms of business because you don’t need to own a product (of course the product has to be the favorite, you can enjoy this ageloc product). When doing business, the first thing that small businesses do is create themselves a blog or website, because you will reach a lot of customers through the website the same way you would find me on the internet right now.  But I’m going to tell you that it is absolutely possible to build your business online. You just have to learn how.And a great way to start online is by having a blog. So here are my 16 reasons why you should start a blog on your mlm business now.#1. Start a blog on mlm business to help you contact more people.In 2016, the Direct Selling Association said there are over 20 million people currently involved in MLM (Network Marketing) in the U.S. That’s over 5,500 new people who join everyday. While many beginners are fortunate enough to have solid upline support and training, there’s a larger number who aren’t as lucky all around the world: UK, Singapore, philippin, Malaysia,….  There are many occasions where new distributors get uplines who quit suddenly and leave them to fend for themselves. Or, their upline sponsor is just as clueless on how to build a successful business as they are. For these unfortunate ones, it’s an endless cycle of rejection and disappointment that leads them to eventually quit the industry. But, for the few with the resolve and determination to continue, there’s a good chance some of these “lost souls” will go online to search for ways to solve the struggles that they face. This is where having a blog comes in.  With a blog, you can help these struggling individuals. You can help them by sharing your knowledge and expertise through blog posts and training videos. If your content resonates with them, it’s more than likely you will earn their appreciation and respect. And when you create this content, it will stay online on freetime for a long time to help others in the future as well. YOU CAN TRAIN YOUR TEAM MORE EFFICIENTLY. It’s nice to be able to train your team members one-on-one. But let’s face the facts. It’s time consuming and inefficient to teach the same thing over and over and over again to each new member. Yes, there will be times when you will need to meet with them one-on-one. But when it comes to teaching the fundamental skill-sets, you can send one or groups of people to your training articles, videos or

#7 Tips How To Be Successful In MLM (Network Marketing) Fast


Want to make 2021 the year that you achieve your goals in your MLM (network marketing business)? You’re going to want to bookmark this post, because these 7 tips will teach you how to be successful in mlm in 2021.  Much has changed over the last 10 years. Back in 2010, most network marketers did not use social media to promote their products or prospect new team members. Facebook was just getting popular and Instagram didn’t even exist!  Today social media has become many mlmers’ only method of prospecting. Facebook and Instagram are oversaturated with direct sales and mlm pitches and links. What worked in 2013 and 2014 does not work anymore. Social media has evolved and to be successful in 2021, network marketers have to evolve as well. If you don’t know what MLM is. you can read post mlm company meaningSocial media isn’t dead for network marketers in 2021 and beyond, but it isn’t as effective as it used to be. Smart network marketers have been adapting by using new strategies and tools to get their message out. This post outlines the best practices for how to be successful in network marketing business in 2021 and not be left behind using outdated methods.Secret of MLM growth hacking#1. MLM is Communicate With People With Your Voice It may sound silly, but the most effective strategy for mlm success in 2021 is actually talking to people. Social media commenting and texting have become the most common forms of communication over the last few years. This has left people craving human connection, and that means hearing your voice. Much of your prospecting will begin somewhere online. The key is to get your conversation offline as quickly as possible, whether it’s through voice memos, phone or video messages. No matter which strategies you use to be successful in network marketing in 2021, make sure that using your voice is part of it.  Let Them Hear You Podcasting is all the rage for 2021. In the last year, the number of podcast shows went up by over 1/3 from 550,000 to 800,000. Listeners also increased from 44% of the population to 51%. Podcast listeners are educated and make an above average income, which makes them great prospects. Best of all nearly 80% listen to all or most of each episode they download.  Podcasting is my favorite strategy for brand visibility in 2021. A podcast can be set up over a weekend with minimal equipment and set up cost. Recording your voice is far less scary than recording video for YouTube. And with only 800,000 shows, it is much easier to be heard than on YouTube where there are over 23,000,000 (yes 23 million) channels to compete with.  Having a podcast creates credibility and visibility for your personal brand. I started my podcast in October of 2019 for less than $100. You can listen to my most recent episodes of my Influence Builders Academy podcast here for some inspiration to start your own. #2. MLM is Meet

How to Build Downline MLM 7 Steps Ultimate Guide


How to Build Your Downline MLM“How to Build Downline?” in network marketing (mlm or multi level marketing) is regular and continuous work.  you’ve come to the right place to know “How to build your downline”. If you want to build a downline that could fill a stadium you will want to pay close attention to what I’m about to share here with you in this article. Most of the times when people talk about building a downline in network marketing it involves outdated methods that just flat out don’t work. And those who DO actually build a massive downline aren’t really sharing. They’re just secretly making a killing and laughing all the way to the bank. Well, I’m about to change all of that. Remember Notes when Build Your DownlineMake sure you have chosen the correct model based on the criteria that I have covered in this article: MLM vs pyramid scheme 10 Signs a Business Is an MLM SchemeThere Ain’t No Free LunchFirst, stop buying into the junk you see on the internet, with big promises. Now I’m not saying that there aren’t a few miracle success stories, because there are. But I’m talking to all of you “normal” people out there! Listen, you can’t build your downline in a week or a month. You can’t build a downline by doing nothing. Most network marketers can’t build a downline using traditional methods. It just doesn’t work!What I Mean By “How to Build Your Downline”Most ads that promise to show you how to build your downline are based on recruiting. Certainly, recruiting or sponsoring is the first step. But that’s just signing people up. If those people don’t multiply, what good is it, really? You will not make real money in network marketing unless you really know how to BUILD your downline, that is, sponsoring the right quantity and QUALITY of distributors, training, coaching and developing their skills, and showing them how to duplicate the process to build their downlines. Once you figure out how to do all three, your downline will have its own life, not just dependent on you being a super-recruiter (which doesn’t even work anyway)!Who To SponsorI’ll be honest. Most new network marketers would sign up anyone with a pulse. But that does not make for a duplicating downline. To truly build a downline, you need current or future MLM pros. People who share your goal of building a strong MLM business and are willing to work for it. So, targeting your marketing is vital. Certainly, you’ll need some quantity when it comes to your sponsoring. But it isn’t about mass quantity if they aren’t going to duplicate. I’d rather have 5 great team members than 100 that never do anything.Developing Your Downline Into DuplicationDon’t be like every other sponsor in the business, spewing out the same old training methods. Usually, sponsors don’t really know how to build your downline. They only can repeat what they’ve heard. We have this weird, irrational habit in MLM of listening to your

What is an mlm? 7 Reasons i love mlm Business


MLM business modelMLM (Multi-level marketing or network marketing) is a form of direct sales in which independent representatives sell products or services from a company to an end consumer. Learn more about What is an mlm and how they work.What is an mlm (Multi-Level Marketing or network marketing)?Multi-level marketing is a distribution model companies use to get their product to consumers. Instead of directly offering their products to consumers online or in brick-and-mortar stores, they use sales representatives to distribute and sell their products. Sales representatives typically work from home and buy inventory to sell at in-person or online parties. They aren’t considered employees; instead, each sales representative owns their business. The multi-level aspect refers to each representative ability to recruit and train other representatives to start their own business. As recruits make sales and recruit their own representatives, each person above them earns a commission. Income earned in MLM comes from the commission earned on personal sales and a percentage of the sales earned by other reps recruited by you. MLM also sometimes describe their structure as:Direct sellingSocial sellingNetwork marketingReferral marketingTeam marketingConsumer direct marketingIs Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Worth It? is mlm scams?Whether an MLM is right for you depends on factors like whether you have the money to invest, your passion for the products being sold, and if the specific MLM you’re considering is legitimate. You may have heard MLM referred to as pyramid schemes, which are illegal. For an MLM to be legal, it needs three things: Before you decide to join an mlm company, you need to make a clear distinction between mlm company and pyramid scheme otherwise you will have a lot of trouble later if you choose the wrong business model or you can find more information on mlm redditA quality product or serviceIncome earned from sales of products or servicesA focus on sales, not recruitmentTo be legal and not a scam, money needs to be primarily earned from the sales of products and services rather than the recruitment of new members. MLM programs with no or a low-quality product or a focus on getting paid per recruit could be an illegal pyramid scheme. Legitimate MLM businesses are like any other business. If you’re interested in pursuing one, consider the following before you get started:Find a company that’s a member of the Direct Selling Association, which requires members to uphold a code of ethics. Study the company’s history and compensation plan. Understand how money is made and their recommendations and support for marketing your business. Treat your MLM business like a business, not a hobby, even if it’s a side hustle. MLM aren’t get-rich-quick schemes. Like any business, they require you to define your target market, reach out to your market, and make sales.Therefore. Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a form of direct sales in which independent representatives sell products or services from a company to an end consumer.Sales representatives typically work from home and buy inventory to sell at in-person or online parties. Getting started with an MLM is relatively simple. You sign a contract, buy