How to get the nuskin building bonus? how much you can earn with building? and what will you do to growth your team member? In this article we will learn about nuskin building commissions and how to develop a strong team to receive the most commissions. 

What is the Nuskin Building Bonus?

The Building Bonus is an extra incentive you can earn after you complete Brand Representative Qualification. This allows you to earn a scaling bonus that starts at 5% (sharing bonus) on the Commissionable Sales Value (CSV) of your first Building Block, and stretches all the way up to 40% on your 16th Building Block and beyond. You are paid on the CSV of each individual Building Block. Each Building Block is paid at the percentage associated with that Building Block only, as illustrated in the chart below.


Nuskin building bonus

After Qualification, Brand Representatives can earn a Building Bonus for all purchases made by their Consumer Group. Velocity keeps a Brand Representative’s hard work organized using a simple system of blocks to represent Sales Volume from their Consumer Group. These blocks are also used to help determine their Brand Representative status, progress and potential Building Bonus. Basically, blocks make understanding and organizing their business easier and more efficient for themselves and their Consumer Group.

Each completed Building Block represents 500 points of Sales Volume that come from a Brand Representative’s Consumer Group. The Building Bonus is based on the number of completed Building Blocks. Blocks reset each calendar month, so tracking monthly sales is easier and more straightforward than ever!

There are two types of blocks—Building Blocks and Sharing Blocks. Each Building Block represents 500 points of Sales Volume that come from your Group. Sharing Blocks are Building Blocks, but only count purchases made by Retail Customers, Members, Brand Affiliates, and Qualifying Brand Representatives who you personally Register.


Building Blocks and Sharing Blocks

Blocks reset each calendar month, so tracking your monthly sales is easier and more straightforward than ever!

To earn the weekly Building Bonus you need to qualify as a Brand Representative by following these three steps:


Brand Representative roadmap

As soon as you finish Qualification, you’ll become a Brand Representative at the start of the very next weekly period. You can then begin earning a weekly Building Bonus that starts at 5% and can reach as high as 40% on the commissionable value of your Group’s Product sales. From then on, to remain a Brand Representative, you need to complete 4 new Building Blocks each month (or use up to 3 Flex Blocks, as further explained below).




Four times a month, we pay you a Building Bonus for any newly completed Building Blocks. We calculate your pay based on sales through the 7th, 14th, 21st, and the last day of every calendar month, so you don’t have to wait until the end of the month to be paid. Your bonus will generally be reflected in your V&G Account within 1 business day and then automatically transferred to the financial institution you choose.


Building Bonus payment

What do I need to do once I have Building block Bonus

In order to maintain your Brand Representative title, you will need to meet the monthly Maintenance Requirement of 4 Building Blocks. 4 Building Blocks is equivalent to 2000 GSV. By meeting the maintenance requirement, you will be eligible to earn the Building Bonus on incomplete Building Blocks!

If you are unable to meet Maintenance, don’t worry! As a Brand Representative, you can now earn and use Flex Blocks to help maintain your title.

Your next step is to continue building your business. As you do so, you can earn more commissions including both the Building Bonus and Leading Bonus.

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