How to Build Your Downline MLM

“How to Build Downline?” in network marketing (mlm or multi level marketing) is regular and continuous work.  you’ve come to the right place to know “How to build your downline”. If you want to build a downline that could fill a stadium you will want to pay close attention to what I’m about to share here with you in this article.

Most of the times when people talk about building a downline in network marketing it involves outdated methods that just flat out don’t work. And those who DO actually build a massive downline aren’t really sharing. They’re just secretly making a killing and laughing all the way to the bank. Well, I’m about to change all of that.

Remember Notes when Build Your Downline

Make sure you have chosen the correct model based on the criteria that I have covered in this article: MLM vs pyramid scheme 10 Signs a Business Is an MLM Scheme

There Ain’t No Free Lunch

First, stop buying into the junk you see on the internet, with big promises. Now I’m not saying that there aren’t a few miracle success stories, because there are. But I’m talking to all of you “normal” people out there! Listen, you can’t build your downline in a week or a month. You can’t build a downline by doing nothing. Most network marketers can’t build a downline using traditional methods. It just doesn’t work!

What I Mean By “How to Build Your Downline”

Most ads that promise to show you how to build your downline are based on recruiting. Certainly, recruiting or sponsoring is the first step. But that’s just signing people up. If those people don’t multiply, what good is it, really?

You will not make real money in network marketing unless you really know how to BUILD your downline, that is, sponsoring the right quantity and QUALITY of distributors, training, coaching and developing their skills, and showing them how to duplicate the process to build their downlines.

Once you figure out how to do all three, your downline will have its own life, not just dependent on you being a super-recruiter (which doesn’t even work anyway)!

Who To Sponsor

I’ll be honest. Most new network marketers would sign up anyone with a pulse. But that does not make for a duplicating downline. To truly build a downline, you need current or future MLM pros. People who share your goal of building a strong MLM business and are willing to work for it. So, targeting your marketing is vital.

Certainly, you’ll need some quantity when it comes to your sponsoring. But it isn’t about mass quantity if they aren’t going to duplicate. I’d rather have 5 great team members than 100 that never do anything.

5 great MLM’s team members than 100 that never do anything

Developing Your Downline Into Duplication

Don’t be like every other sponsor in the business, spewing out the same old training methods. Usually, sponsors don’t really know how to build your downline. They only can repeat what they’ve heard. We have this weird, irrational habit in MLM of listening to your sponsor, even if they just joined right before you did!

If you cannot teach your downline exactly what to do and coach them along as they do it, forget it. Learn how to use duplicable MLM systems and insist that your team use the same one. By all of you doing the same thing, tremendous support and synergy develops, and your downline can multiply.

Here’s how to REALLY build a downline in network marketing.

7 Steps Ultimate Guide How to Build a Downline

Step #1: Develop in all Areas of the Business

Develop in all Areas of the Business

Network marketing is a business. You need to know how to operate a business and treat it as such. I mentioned in the post: starting up a business at home

Learn your products and what makes them unique in the marketplace. If you haven’t joined an opportunity yet, then you’ll want to do your due diligence.

It’s hard for the average person to build a business if they don’t have experience because just like anything there is a learning curve. To expedite that learning curve there are several things you need to do.  The first is to learn the products and industry. The next is…

Find A Mentor

This is probably one of the most valuable pieces of advice in this entire article. If you do nothing else… find a mentor. Look for someone who can help you grow and who is where you want to be. It might be an upline. Or it could be someone who is in another opportunity. This could be a coach. Find a mentor.

Believe me this could shave years off of the learning curve and can level the playing field if you learn from the big dogs.

Create A Business Plan

Decide if you are leading with the product/service? Or the opportunity? There are pluses and minuses to both. You’ll want to have a solid understanding of how it all works in your business and where you will focus your efforts.

Make it a priority to sign up for some business courses and grab a few books on the subject. It will serve you well and set you up well for the next few steps. Take some time to think these questions through.

If you’re going to become the leader that you’re capable of… you’ll want to take your business seriously and treat as such. A business.

Know The Compensation Plan

I also think it’s important to learn how your comp plan works. How do you actually get paid? What’s your business plan? How do you plan on bringing in new distributors or customers? Some of these companies have such a confusing pay structure.

OK let’s keep going…

Step #2: Use Goal Setting to Make Success Inevitable

It doesn’t matter how you do it. Whether you put your goals in your phone. Hang them up on your wall or refrigerator. Set a goal for yourself.

Set a monthly goal and a yearly goal at bare minimum. Next thing you want to do is tell someone you respect about your goals. Put yourself out there and ask that person to check in with you. This helps to hold you accountable.

And one last thing…

Ask yourself this question, what can I do to make success inevitable? What can I do to guarantee that I hit this goal?

Set Reasonable Goals

No need to over complicate things here. It can be as simple as… if I talk to someone about two people per day I will be successful in a year. It can be emailing and adding a prospect to your funnel. Or creating marketing on a daily basis for your business.

Most people fail in anything in life because they get disenchanted and quit too early. Imagine how life might have been different for you if you followed through on some of the things that you didn’t see all the way through.  And trust me I know personally, I’m guilty of this.

Step #3: Learn Marketing and Take Action

Now that we got some of the easy stuff out of the way, now it’s time to get it on. OK. If you want to build a downline in network marketing, one of the most tried and true ways is learning marketing.

Marketing is the million dollar skill. If you can market, you’ll never have to worry about growing your business. There is a lot to it and I recommend you start with the basics in the following areas of marketing:

  • Email list building – imagine if you had a list of 10,000 network marketing subscribers who liked and trusted you. Ever wonder how some people go from one opportunity to the next and quickly build a big downline? This is how. They have a following. A list of people.
  • Traffic generation – pick one method, learn it and own it. I recommend Pinterest, YouTube or Facebook for network marketers, but there are many others.
  • Copywriting – this is salesmanship in print. How to craft winning ads that convert and get your website visitors to take action.

Do you have a blog? You should. All networkers should have their own blog (more on this in a minute).

While you’re learning it’s also important to put what you learn into practice. Don’t let analysis paralysis slow you down because the only way to grow is by getting out of your comfort zone. Just keep moving. Do something everyday and you’ll gain some traction. You’ll build momentum. Whenever you feel stuck, just do something.

Take action.

Step #4: Build an Unstoppable Mindset

Build an Unstoppable Mindset

Do you have a fear of recruiting? An inability to take action? You’re not alone.

This is a challenge for so many of us and it can really make it hard to have success in business. Any business. It’s important to understand that in the business world things operate a little differently. This is why I recommended back in step one that you learn and educate yourself on business.

In the business world and in order to be successful in network marketing, you need to take action. You earn an income based on results, not tasks as you would on a job. So this is why it becomes very important that you can keep your mind right.

Personal Development is Critical

Listen to positive things on a daily basis. Ideally first thing in the morning to start your day. Personal development and mindset/motivation are big in network marketing. But the truth is, in any area of life where extraordinary results are produced an unstoppable mindset is usually what makes it possible.

You have to remember… we’re in treacherous waters in the network marketing industry. So many people are discouraged due to failure in this industry or bad information out there around pyramid schemes. You have to have thick skin and understand that network marketing isn’t easy.

So building the right mindset is key.

Step #5: Become a Fearless Leader

In my opinion leaders are not always born. The more competent and expertise you have in an area the more confident you will be and you will lead naturally. Sure you might be hardwired to be an introvert. But there are countless leaders who are introverts who bring a lot of value.

Communicate More Effectively

To improve as a leader it starts with your communication skills. Some of the best leaders around are also master communicators. This is a skill that can be developed.

Go on down to your local toast masters or any other public speaking club and sign up. Take an Earl Nightingale  course. You never know when you’ll be in a position of leadership where you’ll need to lead a meeting.

Step #6: Create a Road Map For Duplication

One of the biggest challenges with building a downline in network marketing is being able to get people to stay in your downline. So many networkers only focus on recruiting and selling. But this is false thinking. The real way to explode your business is happy customers and motivated distributors who help you build your business.

A great way to motivate your distributors to succeed is to have solutions that you can hand off to them so that they can be successful. So that they can duplicate your success.

Create Systems

It’s a good idea to start systematizing your marketing efforts from day one. Whether you create a squeeze page that converts, or find keywords that work out well for your business. Are you using scripts for calling prospects? Create templates and share those.

Any and everything that you can think of… write down your processes that are successful and create a system that you can share with your downline.

Here are some other ways to train your distributors:

  • Host team calls
  • Organize team meetings
  • Conduct training webinars
  • 3-way calls with prospects
  • Create a Facebook Group

This is how I’ve always approached my business. I try not to leave anything to chance. Any questions or challenges that come up I try to set up systems to make it easier for my downline and so should you.

If you can’t show people how to succeed, they’ll probably lose interest. Another big reason why so many network marketers chase the big leaders in the industry. A whole model built around attraction marketing and drawing people to your business. People want to join successful leaders.

When you actually get people to join, you need to help them succeed. And the systems you put in place for your downline, shouldn’t just consist of them putting together their warm list to hound family and friends. That’s not sustainable.


Secret of MLM growth hacking

Step #7: Build Your Brand

Today, just about everybody has a fancy website that looks the part. This isn’t hard to do and I highly recommend it. When you build downline, You have to build your brand in this industry because that is something that you can always build on. Opportunities come and go, but your brand is yours.

My recommendation is that you go out and get a website set up.

Build a Blog

It’s easy to do. Just go on over to YouTube and watch a couple of videos and start putting out content at least once a week on your own personal blog.

While this might sound hard if you’ve never done it, but it’s as simple as getting a domain name: or and then getting your hosting set up. This whole process is really simple and will set you up to begin building your brand and a real business.

I’ve personally been in a bunch of opportunities over the years. The one thing that has been consistent is my relationship with people and my brand. Your brand always goes with you. Opportunities can come and go.


Building a downline in network marketing takes work, discipline and determination.

First you must learn the fundamentals of the business. And here in this article I’ve shared everything that it takes. Now it just comes down to the execution. The rest is up to you. I recommend that you tackle each step in this guide and refer back here often.

In the end, this industry is full of people who joined companies but didn’t follow through. Those who didn’t want to put in the work. Bottom line is to just get going and never stop.

How to Build Downline MLM 7 Steps Ultimate Guide
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