Pinterest is a visual search engine that can provide a lot of visibility for your network marketing (mlm or direct selling) business. People are often surprised when I recommend using Pinterest for network marketing and direct sales business growth, but when you look at the stats it all makes sense.

According to Sprout Social, Pinterest has 291 million monthly active users and 1/3 of those live in the United States. 79.5% of users are female and only 27% of marketers used Pinterest as of January 2019. This means that not only is Pinterest a great platform to reach women but it’s also an unsaturated market for promoting your business. 

So how do you set up Pinterest for network marketing sales and prospecting? The steps below will show you exactly how to set up your business profile, create your pins and start attracting leads and sales to you.

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1. Start With Your Network Marketing Blog

Pinterest pins connect the Pinterest platform with your blog. If you haven’t started a blog for your network marketing business yet, this is your first step. There are so many advantages to having a blog for your network marketing, direct sales or mlm business. When I started mine, I made a lot of mistakes, so make sure to check out my resource section for all the best tips to get started right.

I also wrote a post all about the 7 network marketing blog tips I wish I’d known. If you haven’t started your blog, or you’re just getting going with it, make sure to click over to that post first.

2. Brand Your Images

Pinterest is a visual search engine and your images matter more than anything. Pin images need to be bright, readable, and have an engaging title to go viral. I recommend using colors complimentary to your blog logo and branding used on social media. 

If you don’t already have fonts and colors associated with your brand, head over to Pinterest and use the search bar to find topics associated with your ideal customer. If you’re in a skin care mlm, search for skin care. Then use the suggested keyword buttons to deepen your search.

On each page, scroll down a bit to find pins that stand out to you and either pin or screen shot them for reference. You can use them as templates to create your first few pins in Canva. Model the look and fonts and use colors that stand out to you. This will help you create your brand look which will evolve over time. Don’t overthink it or make it a 6 month project. You will get better as you make them, I promise. 

3. Create Your Profile

Your Pinterest business profile is much more than a profile picture and name. Pinterest uses their SEO (search engine optimization) to show your profile in search bar results. You want to make sure when you’re using Pinterest for network marketing that your products or opportunity is reflected in your bio.

If you use your name as your URL for your network marketing blog, you may want to consider creating a new name for your Pinterest business profile. Do a little research using the search bar to see what keywords are being actively searched for your brand. Using my skin care example from above, a good name could be Skin Care Over 40 or Healthy Skin Care.

Then you will want to collect a few more keywords from the colored suggestion bars to complete your profile. When I created mine, I typed network marketing in the search bar to find the rest of my keywords. I had explosive growth in my Pinterest monthly views in my first 30 days, and I know part of it was due to setting up my profile with great SEO at the start.

Brand Your Profile Picture

Now that you have your brand colors for your pins, I highly recommend branding your profile photo to one of those colors. Below you’ll see my profile picture before I branded my Pinterest account. The second photo is after I chose brand colors.

Want to remove your photo’s background and replace it with your brand color? It’s easy and free to do. You can use the free background eraser tool at to remove your photo’s background and replace it with your hex code. Alternately, if you have the pro version of Canva, a background eraser is a new tool right inside the app. If you save your brand colors in Canva as I do, this makes plugging your color’s hex code into your photo a breeze.

Pro Tip:

Once you change your profile picture inside of Pinterest, change it on your Facebook profile, Instagram Bio, LinkedIn Profile and everywhere else your brand lives online. You will be using your social media profiles to promote your Pinterest account for fast growth. It works so much better when the profile picture is the same and stands out everywhere your market sees you.

4. Set Up Network Marketing Boards

You will want to set up 10 to 15 boards on Pinterest for network marketing. You can set up more boards for complementary subjects, but concentrate on the ones for your business first.

Let’s use the example of a nutrition mlm company to set up boards. First I typed in “nutrition” which led me to “weight loss” as the first suggestion. Once I added weight loss, I got some great suggestions for boards! Some boards I might create would include “Low Carb Nutrition For Weight Loss”, “Clean Eating Nutrition For Weight Loss” or “Fat Burning Nutrition For Weight Loss”. 

Then I typed in vitamins and energy and did the same process to find keywords Pinterest users are searching for now to create even more board ideas. Only you know what your company offers and what you want to promote. Just type in those keywords and see where they lead you to create some perfectly crafted boards ripe with optimal SEO.

Pro Tip:

You will also want one board exclusively for your own pins. Create an SEO optimized title for this as well. Don’t call it “Best Of” your name or “Best Pins”. Instead, use the same process you used for your network marketing boards to name this one. Make sure to set this board as your featured board so that it always comes up first in your profile.

You will also want to set your featured board in your profile header. If you don’t select your featured board, Pinterest will show the most recent images you pinned, and many of them may not be yours.

Optimize Your Board Descriptions

Now that you have SEO optimized board titles, don’t forget to add an optimized description for each board! Whatever keywords you weren’t able to use when creating your board title can be used in the board description.

My Pinterest board for network marketing tips has the keywords “motivation” “posts” “success” and “social media” included because they were suggested when I did my search. These same words can be used as hashtags and get the same effect. Use 3 to 5 hashtags in your board description for added search boosting. 

Pro Tip:

Every time you set up a new board, Pinterest will suggest pins for it. These are high performing pins that match your keywords and description. Pin 5 to 10 of the pins that most closely match what your board is about.

Some of you may wonder why I ask you to pin your competitors’ pins on your new boards. Pinning popular pins with your hashtags will quickly show Pinterest what your new board is about, confirming that your content is relevant to those hashtags.

You want to be associated with the pins of established users in your niche. This will grow your account faster than letting Pinterest figure out who you are alone. 

Brand Your Board Cover Images

Just as you branded your pins and profile picture, you will want to brand your network marketing board cover images. Without board covers, your Pinterest boards will look like a mess of the pins recently saved to your board. Below you will see the difference between boards with branded board covers and those that don’t have any. 

When you save your board covers to your board, you will save them just like pins. They will need an SEO optimized title and description. Unlike pins, however, board covers are square. If you are creating them in Canva, as I do, use the Instagram post template as it is the correct size and resolution to look great in Pinterest.

5. Set Up Rich Pins

Now that you have your network marketing blog, Pinterest profile and network marketing boards set up, the next step is to set up Rich Pins. Rich Pins is set up through Pinterest and allows Pinterest to pull information and metadata from your blog to their platform.

The process is simple and only has to be done once. Click here to validate your website and set up Rich Pins now.

Rich Pins will automatically select your blog post title (H1) and your blog name to post as your pins’ titles. Without rich pins, your images pinned from your blog will have randomly selected titles which will not be SEO optimized. 

6. Create Pins

We talked a bit about this in step two. Pinterest images need to be bright, readable and have titles that make people want to click them. Pinterest can see your images and read the text you put in your images, so make them count. 

If you are brand new to pin creation, Canva has some great templates for you to get started. From the home screen, you can either type “Pinterest’ into the search bar or click the “Pinterest Graphic” image under “Create A Design”. These templates will help you get started quick without having to purchase Pinterest templates.

Don’t forget to change the fonts and colors to match your brand. If the photos you find in Canva are too dark or light for your branding, you can always add a rectangular image on top with a transparency to lighten, darken or tint your images. Alternately, you can use a filter on your image. When you select your image, the filters tab will appear up top.

Pro Tip:

Pinterest favors new images in the smart feed, so using free stock photos will reduce your pins’ visibility and reach. At bare minimum, upgrade to the Pro version of Canva which includes thousands of premium images not available to free users.

If you want even more unique images, pop over to Deposit Photos and purchase a stock photo plan. Deposit Photos has different packages depending on your needs and a ton of photos for every niche imaginable.

Create Click-Worthy Titles

People want to know how to solve their problems, not how you solved yours. When creating titles, think about what problems your products or service solves and create titles accordingly. Avoid the words “I” or “my”. Use “you” or “yours” instead. Talk to your audience and solve their problems and they will pin them to use later.

Then Create More Pins

Each post on your website should have at least 2 pins to start with. I embed these in my post. Then I create more pins that lead back to the post, and pin them direct to Pinterest. You can never have too many images pointing to a good post. Use different titles, images, and keywords to draw new audiences to your content. It’s much easier to make a new pin than create a new 1,500 to 3,000 word blog post!

February 2020 Update

Pinterest is favoring new images even more than in 2019. This means that you will need to create more and more images to keep your posts visible. Many of the top Pinterest experts are recommending pinning 5 to 10 new pins every day.

Don’t worry! The pins don’t have to be for new blog posts. You can create new pins for your best content to keep traffic flowing to your blog.

If creating 30 to 70 new pins each week stresses you out, I highly recommend using pin templates. I started out with a set of 30 templates for Canva. Those 30 templates helped me create a LOT of pins.

Soon I started feeling like all my pins looked the same. Then I found a subscription service that gives me 10 new templates every month. This ensures my pins never get stale and makes it easy to create the fresh pins Pinterest is asking for.

The subscription service offers templates for both Canva and PicMonkey at one low price. Check it out here and let me know how many you were able to create in an hour. I bet it is at least 5 times more than without them!

7. Create SEO-Rich Descriptions And Titles

Your pin titles and descriptions are the factors Pinterest uses to determine who to show your pins to. People who search for your keywords will be shown pins that have the keywords in their pin titles, descriptions, hashtags and on the pins themselves.

Make sure every pin has an SEO rich title, description and 3 to 5 hashtags. You won’t see your pin at the top of the feed overnight. It takes time for Pinterest to index your pin and for users to share and save it.

This pin is 24 days old. Here is the whole description including hashtags:

10 Best Network Marketing Books For Direct Sales and MLM Success. Learn network marketing recruiting tips, mlm prospecting strategies and sales funnels for your network marketing business. #networkmarketingbooks #networkmarketingstrategies #mlmrecruitingbooks

It’s had 2,000 impressions, 29 saves and 14 link clicks. It is currently #4 in the feed for “mlm books”. You may notice that the exact phrase “mlm books” is not in the description but the separate words, “mlm” and “books” are. This is why using the colored blocks of keyword suggestions for your title, description and hashtags are so important.

Hashtags Are A Hidden Gem

You’ll also notice in the screenshot that my description is cut off at the word business, cutting my hashtags off from view. That doesn’t matter to Pinterest. You can see in the screenshot below that my pins with the hashtag #networkmarketingbooks are the first 5 shown in the feed when #networkmarketingbooks is typed into the search bar. (The other two pins are advertisements. One is an ad placed by Kohl’s and the other is an ad by Tieks shoes.)

The point is, hashtags don’t have to be seen to be effective and most people are not using them in their pins. This is a huge advantage for people who know to use hashtags, to get their pins to the top of the feed. 

Pro Tip:

You may also notice in this last screenshot that there are 3 copies of my 10 Books Every Network Marketer Must Read For Success pin. How did this happen? 

Every time someone repins your pin, Pinterest creates a new copy with a new pin URL. What’s even more interesting is that the first two copies are not mine. My copy is the one that shows up 5th in the feed. The other two were shared (repinned) by other network marketers.

Earlier in the post we talked about pinning popular content on your new boards to teach Pinterest what they are about. If you were worried about pinning competitive content, hopefully you’re not now. The key to visibility on Pinterest is other users pinning and clicking your pins. You will quickly see that we are one team on Pinterest and your most viral pins will almost never be your own. 

8. Add Pinterest Share Buttons

Pinterest share buttons allow your readers to pin your images directly from your blog. When I started using Pinterest for network marketing, I already had a WordPress plugin called Add To Any. This plug in allows readers to share to many social media platforms including Facebook and LinkedIn. I added my Pinterest URL to the plugin and found that it worked incredibly well. 

The Add To Any plugin stays with the reader on the left hand side of my blog, so there’s no need to scroll up or down to find the Pin button. When it’s clicked, all the images on my page pop up and the reader can select which one they want to pin. This makes sharing easy.

Pro Tip:

Images on your blog do not have descriptions or hashtags for Pinterest. Often bloggers will make the mistake of adding their description or hashtags in the image alt tag. This is not what the alt tag is for and can hurt your SEO on Google. 

The alt tag is a place to put a visual description of your image for the visually impaired, or for times when the internet is too weak to load your image. Unless you are taking your own original photos and want them indexed on Google image search, or you are a recipe blogger, there is no need to use the alt tag.

Instead, we will place our description in a small bit of code. If you are using Gutenberg blocks, you will convert your image to an HTML block to insert it. If you are using the classic editor, you can switch from the visual editor to the text editor. 

The code you will add is data-pin-description=“your whole description and hashtags” 

Here is an example so you can see where it goes in your pin image code:

This is the code without the description:

<img src=”×1024.png” alt=”” class=”wp-image-379″ width=”342″ height=”512″ >

Now we will add the code highlighted in bold

<img src=”×1024.png” alt=”” class=”wp-image-379″ width=”342″ height=”512″ data-pin-description=”Pinterest marketing for bloggers to drive traffic to your blog and business. Ideas for how to grow using Tailwind and pinning manually. #pinterestmarketing #pinterestmarketingforbloggers #drivetraffictoblog” >

Now whenever someone pins that image, the description and hashtags will be included. As we saw before, there will be multiple copies of your pin on Pinterest. We want to make sure that every pin is optimized, because we never know which pin will rise to the top of the feed.

9. Add the Follow On Pinterest Widget

Most plugins can be found by searching for them inside the WordPress dashboard. The Follow On Pinterest widget is not one of them. To install it, you have to go to Pinterest and create it from there.

The widget builder will ask you which board you want to highlight on your blog. Make sure to select your featured board, which is the one with only your pins on it. You don’t want to show anyone else’s pins on your blog except your own. 

Congratulations! You have just created an optimized business account with Pinterest for network marketing.

Now it’s time to start pinning and growing your account. In my first 30 days I grew my monthly Pinterest views by 8000% and I share my strategies for Pinterest growth here. 

If all of this sounds overwhelming, I offer for you services to set it all up for you, create pins and even do your pinning for you. You can see all the services I offer here.

Pinterest is such a great way to promote your network marketing business, create more leads and generate sales. Don’t miss your opportunity to get ahead of your direct sales and mlm competitors by using Pinterest for network marketing now.

Create your business account and get pinning today.

How To Use Pinterest For Network Marketing And Business

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