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ageLOC® LumiSpa® está inspirado en estudios de expresión genética de producción de proteínas de la piel. Con su cabezal de tratamiento de silicona suave, ageLOC® LumiSpa® se mueve con una frecuencia precisa para promover la renovación de la piel, revelando una piel más tersa y suave después de tan solo un uso.



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Ageloc Lumispa beauty cleanser is formulated with a blend of algae and plant extracts that will leave your complexion clear and refreshed, as well as our famous ageLOC ingredients to target the visible signs of skin ageing at the source.

The Silicone Head and Activating Cleanser make great use of the device’s unique dual-motion movement, but this isn’t just what makes it so effective. Gently massaging these ingredients into the skin, it feels great too. Use it for just two minutes, twice per day, and turn every skincare routine into an at-home spa experience with visible, clinically-proven results that you’re sure to love.

ageLOC LumiSpa Beauty Device Face Cleansing Kit
Brinda beneficios instantáneos de modo que la piel se sienta más suave y más tersa después de un solo uso. Ayuda al proporcionar siete beneficios para la piel: renovación, suavidad, luminosidad, un aspecto renovado, limpieza profunda, minimiza la apariencia de los poros y piel fresca.


  • 1 ageLOC LumiSpa Device

  • 1 ageLOC LumiSpa Silicone Head – Normal

  • 1 ageLOC LumiSpa Activating Cleanser – Normal to Combination Skin

  • 1 ageLOC LumiSpa Charging Base

  • 1 ageLOC LumiSpa Cable


  • 37% smoother & softer skin after a single use*
  • 62% more radiance after 12 weeks**
  • 100% visibly cleaner skin after 12 weeks**

The above claims are obtained from third-party professional assessments including observation by a clinical grader:

*Results based on a 4-week in-vivo consumer use study performed on 80 subjects with sensitive skin who used the ageLOC LumiSpa Activating Cleanser for Normal to Combination Skin with the Firm Silicone Head.

**Results based on a 12-week in-vivo consumer use study featuring 150 female subjects with different skin types. Results extracted above correspond to subjects with normal to combination skin. Those subjects were instructed to use the ageLOC LumiSpa with the Normal Silicone Head and ageLOC LumiSpa Activating Cleanser for Normal to Combination Skin in place of their normal facial cleanser, morning and night.

Lumispa Reviews Before After

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    lumispa reviews for acne

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Cleansing is important for both men and women, and the ageLOC LumiSpa is great at it. It’ll remove makeup, dirt, oil and debris. That helps to slow the appearance of the visible signs of ageing in your skin. You’ll see that youthful glow in no time.Our hi-tech patents are great for a start, but it’s the replaceable Silicone Head you’ll love. It’s softer, more hygienic and easier to clean than the bristle brush heads you’ll often find on facial cleansing brushes.




Moisten your face with warm water and apply the Activating Cleanser that best suits your skin type. Wet the silicone head and turn on your device.



Glide it slowly across your face in broad strokes. Don’t scrub or press too hard. The device will pause if you are misusing it.

It will pause every 30 seconds. This is your cue to move to another area of your face. After 2 minutes, your device will switch off.



Rinse your face with water and gently pat it dry, then apply any further skincare. For optimal results, use the ageLOC LumiSpa system for 2 minutes, twice per day.

Lumispa Cleanser Ingredients

ageLOC LumiSpa presenta cuatro opciones de limpieza diseñados para diferentes tipos de piel: seca, normal/mixta, grasa y sensible. Estos productos contienen la mezcla patentada de ingredientes ageLOC de Nu Skin que se enfocan en las fuentes del envejecimiento y están formulados para mantener una piel de aspecto fresca, luminosa y radiante. Los geles de limpieza facial ageLOC están específicamente formulados para permitir una amortiguación, limpieza e interacción precisas con la piel, optimizando la efectividad de la acción del cabezal patentado de LumiSpa.

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Lumispa Kit Usage

To take full advantage of our 7-in-1 solution for youthful looking skin, cleanse your face using the Activating Cleanser best suited for your skin for two minutes, twice a day. Moisten your face with warm water and apply your preferred LumiSpa cleanser to skinWet the silicone head of your device and power on. Slowly glide it back and forth across your face in broad strokes, without scrubbing or pressing too hard. The device will pause to alert you if you are using it incorrectly. Every 30 seconds, the LumiSpa will pause, prompting you to move from one area of the face to another.

After 2 minutes, the LumiSpa will automatically power off. Rinse your face with water and gently pat dry. Apply any further skin care.

While knowing your skin type and picking up the matching ageLOC LumiSpa Activating Cleanser is a great place to start, there’s more you can do to help. Getting into the habit of cleansing facial skin twice per day will keep your skin looking youthful and clean – making the most of your natural skin type and experiencing the optimal benefits of the ageLOC® LumiSpa™ System.


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Orders come straight from our suppliers, not kept in salon shop. Therefore a Zen vouchers cannot be used to redeem against the purchase of these products

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ageLOC® LumiSpa® Paquete Esencial-Normal/Combo


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