Although just released, Ageloc Boost Nuskin is not losing to any of its seniors. As evidenced by the necessity of manual skin care is completely inadequate at present.

Especially the appearance of two factions between ageloc boost vs galvanic spa. Many people will wonder which device is necessary and better for the skin? steven will help you with the right choice in the article below.


Ageloc boost vs galvanic spa which choose

Compare Ageloc Boost vs Galvanic Spa

To be specific as well as help you visualize the difference between Nuskin Ageloc Boost and Galvanic Spa. Then we will analyze the similarity and difference of each line.

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The Same:

Uses: Both machines are skin care devices like home spa. Helps skin to penetrate the essences deep inside. Skin impact helps the skin to keep firm, elastic and moisturized. You will see a smooth and glowing skin after each use.

Technology: All use the exclusive Ageloc technology at Nuskin. Use electric charge to work deep into the dermis of the skin.

Products included: Both have gel or essence attached. Acting as a conductor for the machine to develop its full potential as well as providing the necessary mixtures of substances for the skin.

Objects of use: Suitable for all skin types and ages over 20

The similarity is like that. And the difference between these two types of machines is very much. Because both have care and treatment according to the needs of the skin. So to compare the Ageloc Boost and Galvanic, the difference is the key point for you to choose which machine to suit your needs. Let’s compare the difference below.

The Different

We will ageloc boost vs galvanic spa  compare  the differences on the following aspects :

  • Uses
  • Technology
  • Objects of use
  • Using
  • Products included


Ageloc Boost

  • As a skin care specialized device, the perfect deep cushion for maximum penetration of the post-skin care steps
  • Increases blood circulation, stimulates muscles. Help the skin absorb the essence in a maximum and active way.
  • Create a familiar phenomenon for the skin. Specifically, the ability to adapt to any weather or change. The skin is always healthy and retains good moisture.
  • Bring youthfulness to the skin
  • You can learn more about the uses of Ageloc Boost in this article

Ageloc Galvanic

  • Is an intensive skin care device. Favoring the treatment of aging problems such as pigmentation, wrinkles, sagging, …
  • Increases the ability to stimulate, push the essence into the skin in a maximum but in a passive state
  • Improve signs of aging, fade dark spots, pigmentation
  • Keeps skin always firm and resilient

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Both 2 are using Ageloc technology that uses extremely small electrodes (micro). But different in intensity. How detailed will be below.

Ageloc Boost

Variable Pulse Microcurrent (Variable Pulse Microcurrent) is used. That is, the current has a change in both direction and intensity creating pulse points. After 2.4 seconds it will change polarity once.

Focuses on stimulating the skin so that the skin is automatically absorbed. Increases blood circulation. Stimulates muscles and increases nutrient absorption. In particular, the excitation from this current is within a safety threshold. Does not cause skin irritation so you can use it with peace of mind

Ageloc Galvanic

Use direct current (Dicrect Current). Constant current and constant current over time.

Follow the principle of suction and push characteristics of Nuskin Galvanic equipment in particular and galvanic devices on the market in general. Helping the skin that is no longer young, less absorbable, it will be stimulated and absorbed deeply into the innermost layer of the skin.

Products included

Gel Ageloc Boost Activating Treatment

Ageloc Boost Activating Treatment serum

Specially designed to provide the best electrical conductivity with Ageloc Boost to promote dark currents. So when using, you must use a Gel exclusively for Ageloc Boost. Otherwise, create hot spots that cause irritation. Prevent the current from spreading throughout. Does not go into the skin and promote the efficiency of the machine.

Contains proprietary blends and has the following effects:

  • Ageloc Blend: Prevent signs of aging from the root
  • Blumping Blend: provides compounds that help skin retain water, helping skin to be full of moisture, smooth and smooth naturally.
  • Spotless Concentrate: an anti-oxidant boost, prevent pigmentation, and even skin tone

White Gel and Green Gel

Like Ageloc Boost, this Galvanic Spa gel is exclusive and recommended by the manufacturer for use with the machine. Without replacing any gel. Because of the intensity of the Galvanic machine, only this specific gel can satisfy this. As a conductor for the machine to be maximized.

With white gel is a pre-treatment to help cleanse and relax the skin. Green gel will be a treatment to help nourish the skin from the inside and remove the remaining dirt.

Objects of use

Ageloc Boost: Suitable for age 20. For those who have less time to take care of skin or optimize their skin care cycle with better results.

Ageloc Galvanic: Suitable for the age of 25. When wrinkles, melasma, … support intensive treatment use, to maintain and stimulate skin cell regeneration, healthy skin, even color and smooth membrane than.


Ageloc Boost: Can be used every day. 1 time per day. Priority for use in the morning. And the effect will end automatically in 2 minutes. To visualize clearly, you can read more articles how to use Ageloc Boost.

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Ageloc Galvanic: Use 2 times a week. Each time use up 5 minutes with 2 steps of pre-therapy and therapy. Usage will be relatively more complicated than Ageloc Boost because of supportive treatment. You need to note more clearly in the article here.

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Which machine should I use for the best?

Ageloc boost vs galvanic spa infomation

To choose 2 Ageloc Boost with Galvanic , it is very difficult to choose which one I think is really difficult. Because both machines have specialized features to support the skin. Especially, combined with each other to help maintain and treat skin problems better.

Especially for those of you who are about to pass the age of aging. The combination of two machines not only increases the stability of the skin with the smooth moisture and firmness inherent with Ageloc Boost . It also prevents and treats skin aging problems that begin to appear radically that only Ageloc Galvanic Spa can support.

So is there no reason why Nuskin makes 2 machines that use the same function? If you know how to use and use these 2 machines early, I believe you will be very comfortable with your skin in the future. And she always has radiant skin in her twenties.

Finally, hope the information compare ageloc boost vs Galvanic spa is really useful to you. Choosing the right machine for the skin at this point depends mainly on your age, needs and current skin problems. If you too hesitant in choosing these 2 high-end devices, you can inbox Steven. To get expert advice on the right machine for your skin currently.

How to order your Nuskin Products in the UK, USA, Hongkong, Taiwan, Japan,... wholesale

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  1. Sign up as a new customer on the Nu Skin website.
  2. Select your region (Your Country where you live)
  3. Fill in your details….
  4. Success! You can Login nuskin website and use your Account to Buy all Nuskin Products in 55 Countries

All you need to do then is choose the LumiSpa kit with ageLOC that best suits your skin type!

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Do you have any other questions? Do you have a LumiSpa kit and want to share your experience? Leave a comment below!

Compare ageloc boost vs Galvanic spa: Which better to use?

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